Create Collaborate Change

A resounding experience to transform your story.

The most innovative brainstorming session I have ever experienced.
— Abhishek Prabhuda | VP Strategy | Delhivery Logistics
To say it went deep would be a substantial understatement.
— Participant | Entrepreneurs' Organization

“But I am not creative”

This self-sabotaging mindset of many executives is plain wrong. And it is dangerous for the culture of an organization. We enable the creation of impactful, intellectually and emotionally engaging stories with our clients. We use the very best tools of


We empower better and bolder stories through the extremely engaging and thought-provoking process of musical storytelling. Participants create their story as a song and smash old beliefs about their own capabilities. Designed for business teams, it is an unparalleled, eye-and-ear-opening, resounding experience. Zero music experience required.



Aha-Moments. Shiver. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Surprise. Exhaust. Do. Continue. Restart.

As far as you’re ready to go with your team.


Write. Express. Dismiss. Compose. Perform. Rhyme. Tell. Build. Provoke. Share.

You’ll never see your story the same way again.


Grow. Disrupt. Explore. Move. Develop. Change. Improve. Transform. Amaze.

You have everything you need for this. Right now.


Innovators choose Sound Leadership