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Copy of Challenges
The most innovative brainstorming session I have ever experienced.
— Abhishek Prabhuda | VP Planning & Engineering, Delhivery Logistics
to say it went deep would be a substantial understatement.
— Participant | Entrepreneurs' Organization
It is a thrilling experience when Johannes transforms a rigid business atmosphere (...) where a room full of executives starts to express personal stories and goals in their professional lives (...).
— Martin Ostermaier | Founder, Inter Ax Biotech
You converted the non-believers into understanding.
— Marla Felcher | Board of Directors | The Philanthropy Connection
Very enthusiastic and encouraging.
— Participant | The Boston Consulting Group
I have been engaged in management education for several years, but have yet to come across such a unique methodology for infusing creativity in a structured, accessible manner.
— Participant | Babson Executive Education
(...) the fact that you could get a room of non-songwriters SO enthusiastic about the idea is a testament to your talents!
— Sarah Springer | Design Principal, Jacobs
Johannes was patient, thorough and specific in devising a proper plan to further my knowledge and understanding. Thank you.
— Michele F. | Business Owner | New York City
Another thing I learned during the program was to step out of my comfort zone and try doing new things. I learned this during our session.
— Participant | Ivy League Summer Institute at Harvard Law School
I really like my first coaching session. I felt very comfortable talking (...) and didn’t feel like I was being judged.
— Nina B. | Business Development Manager | Baltimore, MD
Writing the title alone was worth it
— Participant | Fidelity Investments
“We are extremely happy with the result thus far (...). Looking forward to more good news!”
— Doris W. | Business Professional | Brooklyn, NY
Unique and excellent!
— Client Organizer | University of Liverpool
I loved the process and structure. It gave us the opportunity to understand how to manage different points of view.
— Participant | The Boston Consulting Group
Johannes is proving to be of tremendous assistance. He continues to point me in good directions and his analysis of my work is direct and good value.
— Mike B. | Strategy Professional | NATO
Fun, insightful, meaningful, applicable
— Participant | American Society for Quality
Our students loved working with Johannes. He (...) challenged them to express themselves in a way that was very foreign to them, but that was engaging, introspective, fun, and innovative.  It was both a memorable and valuable session for them, and for us adults as well.
— Aiko Laski | Program Coordinator, GPI US
It was a super cool session. It encourages to reflect your own situation a provides a new perspective.
— Daniel Meier | Founder & CEO, Aerotain

This session made me think differently about my career trajectory for the next 10-20 years.
— Participant | Stockholm School of Economics
Johannes approaches public speaking in a very thoughtful and organized way. He helped me bringing coherence to the speech, and gave a methodical approach to improve it. Highly recommended !
— Mike B. | M.I.T. MBA student
I was deeply intrigued by [Johannes Flecker’s] passion for using music as a vehicle for boosting innovation and developing leadership skills. His utilization of musical composition as an artistic channel for galvanizing leadership skills was highly appreciated and enjoyed by the conference delegates who were delighted to take part in associated activities (...)
— Murad Salman Mirza | Organizational Architect | MENA Human Capital Forum, Dubai
...embodies what’s possible when you apply music thinking in a new way.
— Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship
Johannes is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone!
— Kim P. | Virginia
Inspiring! Wish to follow my passion too 10 years from now or sooner
— Participant | The Boston Consulting Group
I like most the way it helps us garner solutions to our problems relieved of the stress around it.
— Participant | Delhivery Logistics

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