Team Songwriting Workshop

the fact that you could get a room full of non-songwriters SO enthusiastic about the idea is a testament to your talents!
— Sarah Springer | Jacobs Design

  A highly creative session for absolute beginners and music fans to rewrite the story of your team.


Team building unlike anything else. 

We plan the perfect songwriting workshops with your team.  We come to your office or help you set up an inspiring workshop location.


Tell the story of your team in a song. 

Reflect your story. Write song lyrics, compose melody, design cool beats, and put everything together to your unique team song. 

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Create, compose, perform, enjoy.

Replenish your own creative abilities and get to know your team from a different perspective.

it is a thrilling experience [to] transform a rigid business atmosphere into a vibrating songwriting session, where a room full of executives starts to express personal stories and goals in their professional lives into meaningful songs.
— Martin Ostermeier | Founder, Inter Ax Biotech
writing the song title alone was worth it.
— Participant | Fidelity Investments
fun, insightful, meaningful, applicable.
— Participant | American Society for Quality

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Hit songs created in workshops


trusted by leading organizations


From 5 to 250 participants

We do songwriting workshops from small startups to massive audiences at conferences. 

From vision to resilience.

Our clients hire us to work on a wide array of topics ranging from resilience, goals, communciation, culture to change, vision, agility, uncertainty, risk, identity and personal growth.

From 1 hour to 2 days.

Together, we design a session that perfectly needs your fits. 

From board level to new employees

We work with audiences from every hierarchical level and background.

From car industry to scientific organizations.

Sound Leadership is  hired by clients in the banking, logistics, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, scientific, steel, electronics, design, consulting, music, aerospace, biotech and educational sector.

From songwriting to recording

Depending on your needs, Sound Leadership facilitates creative team songwriting sessions, evening performances, and full recording sessions. 

For absolute beginners and music lovers

95% of our participants have never written a song before. Well, at least until our session. 

World Map

From San Francisco to Mumbai

We have delivered projects across the United States, India, Switzerland, Germany, UK, UAE, China and Singapore. 


How It Works


First Things First

95% of our participants have never written a song. Zero music experience required. 

Your Needs

We plan and execute the perfect songwriting workshop for your team and  event. From 1 hour to 2 days, from 8 to 200 participants, just let us know what you're looking for and we provide you with the best options for your team. 


We come to your office or help you set up the ideal workshop location, be it an urban loft, a retreat in the woods or a recording studio near you. Not a lot of setup is needed.


We work with you to create a memorable and lasting team event, sales retreat or onboarding session with a unique songwriting touch. 

Together we decide on the topic of the song and enable your team to write, finish and perform an original song from scratch. Our local team of songwriting facilitators will guide you through the session.