Team Songwriting Circle

You and your team and a piano.
Your story longs to be told. 


  A truly inspiring session to reflect your story of leadership in a classy, elegant and incredibly inspiring way. 

Songwriting Circle

A piano. A songwriter. Your story. Magic. 

Together with your colleagues, you will enjoy an intimate music creation session. Create a piano songwriting circle. Participate in the creation and development of your song. Simple, pure, back to basic, back to your story. 


An elegant session around the piano.

Cool down after a long day in the office. Relax with a classy drink and help crafting the song that perfectly reflects your story. Be surprised. Be amazed. Be enthused. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 4.01.12 PM.png

Create, compose, perform, enjoy.

Learn something new about yourself and your team and about the creation of music and songs. 

the fact that you could get a room full of non-song writers to get SO enthusiastic about the idea is a testament to your talents!
— Sarah Springer, Jacobs

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