Imagine your team story were a song.

Experience how to write a song together. Zero music experience required


From Gaga to Dylan, from Queen to Lennon to You: Songwriters are pioneers; champions of innovation and ideation: Provocative, Courageous, Collaborative, Catchy, Concise, Constructive, Original, Powerful.

We bring this power to your team.

In eye-and-ear-opening sessions, you will write your own song together. Express your truth. Tell your story of leadership. Include intellect and emotion. Find your voice. Compose the tune of innovation in your organization. Recite and sing your song. Be proud of your achievement.

Smash your old limitations about your creative skills. Tell better and bolder stories through the extremely engaging process of team songwriting.

Zero music experience required.



Aha-Moments. Shiver. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Surprise. Exhaust. Do. Continue. Restart.



Write. Express. Dismiss. Compose. Perform. Rhyme. Tell. Build. Provoke. Share.


Grow. Disrupt. Explore. Move. Develop. Change. Improve. Transform. Amaze.


Innovators choose Sound Leadership