Stage Performance for Young Entrepreneurs


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Physical and emotional blockades on stage make presentations less convincing. Great presenters connect with their audience, they share stories and have fun doing it. In this energizing workshop series, Sound Leadership gives your students creative and music-fueled ways to release the performer in them. They unlearn stage fright by connecting with their peers on various creative and artistic levels.



  • Rhythm creation and keeping

  • Impromptu storytelling

  • Connecting with diverse audience

  • Dealing with stage fright

  • Physical and emotional bonding



Participants ...

  • learn stage performance techniques for better presentations,

  • experience the essential elements of public speaking

  • integrate mind and senses in their presentations,

  • learn tools for impromptu pitches,

  • experience the importance of rhythm to deliver great presentations,

  • connect with their colleagues in a creative, fun, music-fueled way.

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