Make stage fright irrelevant and captivate every audience in 42 days.


  • Make stage fright irrelevant because it doesn’t apply to you anymore.

  • Have unshakable and well-founded confidence in your presentations

  • Being enabled to express the best and most resonating story you have every told

  • Learn techniques of how your presentation stands out, how you connect physically and emotionally with your audience.

  • Receive 1:1 feedback on your presentations and join SIX 1-hour-live calls by international keynote speaker and management Dr. Johannes Flecker

  • Immerse in 6 hours of presentation video training and ongoing bonus sessions.

  • Learn easy-to-remember techniques that will boost every future presentation

Photo by Jurate/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Jurate/iStock / Getty Images

Is this you before your presentation?

You feel panic before you give a presentation?

You feel a tight knot in your stomach, feeling sick and nervous?

After a presentation, you feel you blew it and let another chance pass by to make a positive impact?

You feel like you’ll never be good enough?

The thought of a spontaneous presentation makes you wanna hide in bed?

You have an upcoming presentation and don’t know where to start and end?

You fear you’ll disappoint your company by not landing this gig?

You fear you’ll disappoint your family because there will be another missed opportunity to impress your boss?

You feel like everybody sees you as a failure.

Your presentations, sales pitches and proposals lack focus too, and you feel like you’re not good at any type of presentations


Who should do this course?

Anyone who is in need to improve their presentation skills.

Practitioners who need tested tools and techniques to make thorough impact

Lifelong students who want to step up their game.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are on their own and need honest and constructive feedback on their presentation skills.