Our Story Behind The Music

Sound Leadership is music-fueled leadership development. 
Our clients tell and develop their stories as songs.


Develop your team WITH A MUSIC MINDSET

Our clients utilize the immersive process of musical and lyrical co-creation and songwriting to reflect and reframe their management challenges.

SOUND LEADERSHIP enables teams to create fearlessly and to establish a creative-innovative mindset in their daily work.

INTERTWINING management & music

Based on our unique experience in executive development and music creation, we work with all types of organizations, from startups to high schools to Fortune 100 firms.

SOUND LEADERSHIP is a pioneer in redesigning tools of music creation to express and reframe business stories.

conducting corporate change

More than 80% of our corporate clients have no creative or music background.

SOUND LEADERSHIP enables business leaders to uncover their creative potential for long-lasting leadership development. 

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Photo: Bill McCormack

Johannes Flecker | Founder

Dr. Johannes Flecker is an artrepreneur, corporate advisor, singer/songwriter and keynote speaker. He helps top executives and teams to boost a mindset of innovation and to navigate through complex and changing environments. With Sound Leadership, Johannes ignites the creativity and entrepreneurial thinking in organizations through the art and craft of music thinking and songwriting. 

Johannes earned a Ph.D. in Business at the University of Graz, Austria and he is summa cum laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Contemporary Music Writing & Production.

He has a decade of experience in international management consulting and he leads innovation, digital change and agile leadership projects for Fortune 100 firms globally. Johannes is faculty at Applied Innovation Institute Silicon Valley, at osb systemic consulting Vienna, Austria and at Malik Management Switzerland. He is in the leadership team at Goeman Bind policy think tank London and advisory board member at Kaden Boriss strategy advisors Dubai.

Formally trained at world-renowned Berklee College in music production, songwriting, vocal performance and music composition, Johannes is an accomplished and versatile musician. He was classically trained in piano and violin at the Music Conservatory of Graz, Austria and he is a soulful vocal performer.

Johannes is the author of a book about the influence of music on brand development and he received awards by the American Marketing Association, Austrian Academy for Sciences and UK Songwriting Contest. Johannes gives speeches and workshops for global thought leaders such as Boston Consulting Group, the Swiss Economic Forum, the Swiss Innovation Forum, IDEO, Brown University EMBA and the American Marketing Association. 

Born and raised in a family of classical musicians in Austria, Johannes lives in Boston, USA.

Considering that sound has been around since the dawn of time, it is astonishing that Johannes Flecker continues to discover new uses for it.
— BostInno Innovation Magazine
Johannes embodies what’s possible when you apply music thinking in a new way.
— Berklee Institute For Creative Entrepreneurship
Johannes is able to perfectly blend a background of traditional business consulting with the creativity and soulfulness of a musician to create something wholly different and unique.
— Panos Panay, VP Innovation, Berklee College of Music


Hemant Batra.png

Hemant K. Batra

Dubai, UAE

Founder Kaden Boriss Legal Strategists

Founder Goeman Bind HTO Think Tank

Recipient Mahatma Gandhi Peace Medal

Secretary General SAARCLAW


Panos A. Panay

Boston, MA

VP Innovation, Berklee College of Music

Founder SonicBids

Forbes 40 under 40

Abhijit Download.png

Abhijit Nath

Delhi, India

ICICI Private Equity

Dell Foundation

IIM Ahmedabad & Berklee College of Music

Peter M. Fischer PhD

Zurich, Switzerland

Professor of Marketing

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland



Shane Adams

Nashville, TN

Two-times GRAMMY nominated music educator

Berklee Online Faculty Songwriting

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.10.07 AM.png

Rendra Zawawi

Los Angeles, CA

Award-Winning Film Composer & Producer

Composer Malaysian Film Song of the Year



Ester Na

Los Angeles, CA

Music Producer & Composer

Songwriter, Pianist, Cellist

Yicheng Wu.png

Yicheng Wu

Boston & Shanghai


Performer & Music Educator



Swiss Chris

New York City, NY

GRAMMY Award winning music producer, educator

Music director John Legend tour

Enya Lim

Enya Lim "Nyali" 

New York City, NY

Singer-Songwriter, Performer

Music Educator

MT Aditya Srinivasan

Bangalore, India

Music Educator, Percussionist

Producer & Audio Engineer

Reena Ram

Reena Ram

Bangalore, India

Leadership Coach & Trainer

Karnatic Singer & Educator 


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