For 60% of CEOs worldwide, creativity is the single most crucial factor for success.
— IBM Global Study. n=1,500 CEOs, 2010

Our Vision

Change Makers Think Like Artists.


Organizations and teams perform better with a culture that allows, fosters and nourishes creativity. 

Sound Leadership focuses on using the full creative potential of teams and leaders, enabling agility, collaboration and employee engagement for our clients. We disrupt existing work patterns and provide inspiration and foster a mindset of fearless innovation. 

Our clients hire Sound Leadership to use musical-creative methods to identify and resolve their most pressing leadership challenges. 

At Sound Leadership, we combine and live the mindset of management and musical creativity on a daily basis. 

Our experts deliver leadership transformation projects for Fortune 500 firms and have earned multiple GRAMMY nominations for their creative work. 

Based in the United States and with facilitators across Europe and Asia, we work with clients worldwide.

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Dr. Johannes Flecker
Founding Managing Director
Sound Leadership
New York City

(...) perfectly blends traditional business consulting with the creativity and soulfulness of a musician to create something wholly different and unique.
— Panos A. Panay, VP Strategy & Innovation, Berklee College of Music