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2h-8h | Songwriting for Young Leaders

Express your ideas, dreams, challenges as a song. Develop lyrics and melody and perform your song together. Learn crucial elements of leadership, creativity, expressing ideas and sharing your stories fearlessly. 

Our students loved working with Johannes. His integration of songwriting and leadership challenged them to express themselves in a way that was very foreign to them, but that was engaging, introspective, fun, and innovative.  It was both a memorable and valuable session for them, and for us adults as well.
— Aiko Laski, Program Coordinator, GPI US
My favorite was going to the recording studio (...) It created a safe environment where everyone could be more of themselves out of the classroom (...) We were also able to grasp the basic ideas of working together and thinking creatively that are needed in the business world. I definitely would consider this as the highlight of my time here at Harvard.
— Participant | Ivy League Summer Institute at Harvard Law School