Leadership Skills for Young Entrepreneurs


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Managing a business

Get a solid understanding of what managers needs to control in each organization and under every circumstance.

Learn the main elements of managing an organization, such as environmental factors, business mission, strategy, structure and culture, as well as managing people, including principles, tools and instruments of leadership.

Strategy and Goals

Gain a solid understanding of strategy work and control mechanisms to secure the long-term survival of an organization, based on current and long-term market potentials and the customer needs.

We will study real cases of successful and failed attempts to deal with strategy and change. Apply the learnings to your own startup.

Agile Leadership

Understand how organizations can use this method to continuously improve and do the right things, quicker and simpler.

We will cover the SCRUM methodology and you'll learn how to create, establish, run and review agile sprints.

Artistic Thinking

Expand your business horizon with artistic thinking. You will be exposed to artistic ways of solving problems and creating ideas.

You will learn, discuss and reflect individually and in small groups how to continuously express new ideas, how to create a culture of sharing them, how to proactively accept and deal with risk and uncertainty, and how to manage failure as a necessary part to achieve anything of extraordinary value

Design thinking

Learn to prototype and ideate solutions quickly and efficiently with design thinking.

Experience a design-centric way for creative brainstorming and product ideation.

Leadership Principles

Focus on doing the right things first when it comes to college application by evaluating core leadership principles.

Get a deeper understanding of the most important leadership principles to choose the right path for you.

In addition, you will learn how to set the right priorities and plan your time so you’re ahead of things and always have your college application and other obligations under control.

Public Speaking and Stage Presence

You will learn communication techniques beneficial for college applications and interviews.

You will practice conversations in a conscious manner in order to reach your conversational goals and to satisfy the people you are talking to – or at least make them understand you.