Let’s create a song about your most important story.


Over and Over

Artist: NyaLi | |R&B, Indie

(…) Home is more than just a house, and
Love more felt than really held
You are neither to me

Truth is seldom absolute
Pain more to hopefully bear fruit
You give me both—at least that’s what I tell myself

Over, and over, and over, again (…)


The Sun Will Shine Again

Artist: Johannes Flecker | Pop, Ballad

(…) My way could be difficult,
But my deepest desire.
because life moves vivid and bright,
when we know God gave us the light, and

The sun will shine again,
The sun will shine again,
The sun will shine again in your heart (…)


A Quiet House

Artist: Johannes Flecker | Pop, Electro

(…) A quiet house should seem a gift
The day is coming fast.

Who knew a quiet house
Could be so bittersweet and empty
Who knew a quiet house
Could be so loudly filled with memories (…)



Artist: NyaLi | Indie, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter

(…) Pick up my feet and lift them
Don’t quite know how to dance
Left, right, which way is forward
I’m afraid of falling back – must not fall back

East and West sways the pendulum
Swell and ebb goes the tide (…)


Never Say Goodbye

Artist: Johannes Flecker | Electronic, Pop

(…) Every whisper is the answer
You are my never ending world

I never say goodbye
I never say the word
I never ever say goodbye (…)


In Search Of New Lands

Artist: Johannes Flecker feat. NyaLi | Pop

(…) Courage sinks, it’s rocked and rattled
Waves are swelling high
Familiar bays may yield no more
Fish have left these parts
Into the dingy to explore, with courage in our hearts.

In search of new lands, a future unknown
We won’t steer away, we sail through the storm (…)


Still Enough

Artist: NyaLi | Pop, Ballad, Romantic

(…) Words are the weapons that eat out our hearts
Torture our minds without cure
Those that you care for could hurt you the worst
Don’t let them swallow your soul

So let the waves rip and hug the shore
They will not cease to ebb and flow (…)


Dancing In The Rain

Artist: Johannes Flecker, feat. Kira Sarai Helper | Pop

(…) We are weary, take a time out
While we’re mourning withered seeds.
Let’s get ourselves back in the game
In the rush of adrenaline.
When the clouds appear,
when the storm comes near,
when the thunder strikes again

We’re dancing in the rain (…)