"I loved the process. It gave us the opportunity to understand how to manage different points of view."



How BCG utilizes creative storytelling to unleash the creative potential of future leaders.

BCG invited Sound Leadership to help 

Sound Leadership provided an initial creative leadership program to address the most crucial current topics. The client firm specifically asked for a productive and creative way to address issues with a strategy task force and to provide additional insights to management challenges. 


Creative expression for management development.

Through the act of a creative thinking, musical brainstorming, team songwriting and the integration of the learnings in the ongoing work, our client addressed four major challenges through an intense, music-based brainstorming.

The program was aimed at the “internal consulting” team at the company, who were looking to improve performance and integration regionally as growth increases. Four challenges were highlighted and addressed during the program:

1. Integration: how to ensure regional team integration all over the country.
2. Motivation: how to enable motivation and recognition of achievement on all levels.
3. Execution : how to improve alignment / focus on execution and sense of urgency.
4. Communication: how to ensure efficient communication to enable the previous three points.

Benefit for organizational culture.

Through the inherent creative character, the session was also described as much fun

Workshop participants showed a strong level of result orientation, focus and contribution to the team during the one-day program.  The high level of ambition and dedication in the teams was shown through extra work the teams put in the process (work in breaks / in extra rooms) in order to achieve results. This is even more remarkable given the fact that there were almost no trained musician participants in this program.

This shows the great level of commitment and energy, constructive thinking and mutual trust in the teams of the client firm.

All the teams were able to finish and perform their own song on time, telling the story of their respective leadership challenge in a unique and innovative way. The songs are called.

Also, it was a lot of fun. 

Results and integration in ongoing work. 

1.“Sculpture” about the challenges of motivation

2.“Cloud Messenger” about communication

3.“Unstoppable” focusing on the topic execution, and

4.“Smokey Strings” about integration of staff.

Song lyrics are listed on the next four pages:


Based on the topics and discussion throughout the workshop, three main topics for further analysis and action can be identified:

1. Alignment and management of strategy and objectives
2. Improvement of structures and processes
3. Corporate culture as trigger of integration and motivation

Sound Leadership provided: results, ongoing support for 


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