Gift A Personalized Song in Three Days

Gift A Personalized Song in Three Days

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After checkout, you will receive a link with a few questions about the song recipient. Based on your information, we will write and record one song in three days. We will …

  1. Write original song lyrics (3 verses, chorus, bridge),

  2. Compose an original song melody,

  3. Record the song with a professional vocalist,

  4. Record one acoustic accompaniment instrument (piano or guitar),

  5. Mix and master the song for a radio quality sound,

  6. Send your song in an mp3 file in three days,

  7. Send your song lyrics in a pdf file in three days.

    All sales are final. No changes or refunds.

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• ONE song (~3 minutes) in mp3 format. This includes:
• original song lyrics based on the information you share about the song recipient. Song lyrics written by professional, thoroughly selected songwriters.
• Song lyrics include 2-3 verses, a chorus, and a bridge. Lyrics follow traditional songwriting lyrics patters and rhyme scheme
• original song melody based on a variety of melodic patterns
• vocal recording of the song by a professional singer. We do our very best to accommodate preferences regarding specific singers, however, due to the amount of requests, cannot guarantee in each and every case.
• acoustic accompaniment of the song with piano or guitar.
• mixing and mastering of song
• conversion to mp3 format

All sales are final. No changes or cancellations.

While the song rights remain with Sound Leadership, LLC © and the specific songwriter. you have the right to share, play, and permanently enjoy the song for any non-commercial purposes.