Songwriting Program for Students


A song about your most important story


Benefits for Students

Improved sensibility that everyone is an artist

Degree of hierarchy between “artist” and “listener” disappears

Storytelling tools available to all students for future use

Students build confidence regarding artistic self-expression

Improved appreciation of music as a tool of personal expression

Positioning of your institution as a place that nourishes creativity

“I would definitely consider this as a highlight at my time at Harvard.”

Participant | Ivy Summer School Institute at Harvard University.


Trusted by leading academic institutions 


“Our students loved working with Johannes. His integration of songwriting and leadership was engaging, introspective, fun, innovative, valuable.”

Aiko Laski, Program Coordinator, GPI Japan USA


What A Songwriting Session Sounds Like


What The Sessions Look Like


Can You Imagine Your User Story As A Song?

Story from Creative Entrepreneurship Program
at Berklee & Brown University


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