Team Songwriting Sessions

Plan your most creative and fun team event.

It's easy. It will amaze you.  


No. 1 Team Songwriting

We plan workshops and events for companies like yours. 95% of our participants have never written a song before. 

We come to your office or help you set up the ideal workshop location. 

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Infinite Creativity

We help you create a memorable and lasting team event, sales retreat or onboarding session with a unique songwriting touch. 

Choose your song topic and get inspired by your own creative ideas. Our team of award-winning songwriters and facilitators will guide you through the session.

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Resounding Impact

Sound Leadership team songwriting sessions often lead to enhanced creativity, innovation mindset, team bonding and a happier workplace.

Your original song will be an unforgettable earworm for your team. 



We are proud to work with leading organizations 

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Why Songwriting is perfect for you.

  • Create and perform your original song with your team.
  • Get to know your colleagues on a different level.
  • Do something you have never done before.
  • Tell your story as a song

Experience the Magic

the fact that you could get a room full of non-song writers to get SO enthusiastic about the idea is a testament to your talents!
— Sarah Springer, Jacobs
The most innovative brainstorming session I have ever experienced.
— Abhishek Prabhuda, Delhivery Logistics
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