Impact and Client Success Stories


How 50 leaders embrace resilience with musical storytelling. 

Entrepreneurs' organization, boston, USA

In a program with business owners in New England, 50 executives shared their own journeys of entrepreneurial resilience and expressed their ways of bouncing back.

They created short songs about their stories, facilitated and accompanied by Sound Leadership. Created in an atmosphere of mutual trust and encouragement, selected songs were performed live.

The session made both songwriters and audience smile, cry, laugh, reflect and deeply experience the cathartic effect of music expression. 


Swiss Economic Forum rethinks "Hello" to reflect leadership


How an investment firm receives team dividends through music creation.


The client is one of the world's leading financial firm with 40'000+ employees. The client team was facing unclear team identity and asked Sound Leadership for a program to develop vision and mission through the use of creative brainstorming.

Program participants from senior management used a set of tools that included team songwriting and musical brainstorming. The workshop participants expressed and reframed their story through the creation of song lyrics and melody, highlighting their current situation, scenarios, options, ideal outcome and an outside perspective.

They performed their new, original song and they created an action plan for the follow up in daily work. Sound Leadership provided a professional recording of their song as lasting memory and encouragement for their ongoing work. 


A logistics firm drives innovation with music-fueled brainstorming


How creative thinking fizzes up a university's organizational development. 

university of liverpool, liverpool, UK

Sound Leadership accompanied the ongoing strategy and reorganization process of a leading British university. During the process, the participants added the element of musical expression  and songwriting to highlight their current work process and steps ahead. The program served as a highly engaging brainstorming activity for the participants. The Sound Leadership approach also served as a creative outlet for participants – who are typically immersed in intellect-heavy work. Music thinking, music creation and creative brainstorming encouraged the often neglected element of guided creativity. It provided an emotional outlet of joyful experimentation to support strategy development and reorganization. 


100 decision makers utilize songwriting to reflect leadership

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Car managers reframe uncertainty with music thinking