About Johannes Flecker

Founding Managing Director | New York City | Contact Johannes



Applied Innovation Institute, USA | Faculty
Kaden Boriss Legal Strategies, India | Advisory Board
Goeman Bind HTO Think Tank, UK | Leadership Team
Malik Management, Switzerland | Project Manager
osb-i systemic consulting, Austria | Cooperation Partner


University of Graz, Austria | Doctorate in Business
University of Graz, Austria | Master in Management
Berklee College of Music, USA | Diploma Music Writing & Production
Berklee College of Music, USA | Master Certificate Songwriting

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About Abhijit Nath

Head India | Bangalore, India

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Insitor Impact Asia Fund | Country Manager

ICICI | Private Equity Management


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad | MBA

Berklee College of Music, USA | Bachelor in Music


Hemant A. Batra | Founder, Kaden Boriss Legal Strategies
Peter M. Fischer | Professor of Marketing, University of St. Gallen
Panos A. Panay | VP Strategy & Innovation, Berklee College of Music