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isn't a given in your team.

Boost innovation, change and team spirit
with creativity-fueled programs. 
At Sound Leadership,we combine
Fortune 100 consulting with
world-class creative expression.  


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Leading companies and public organizations worldwide work with Sound Leadership. With our unique programs, we boost team building, creative thinking and a mindset of innovation. 95% of our participants recommend our programs.

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"the most innovative brainstorming session I have ever attended."

DELHIVERY LOGISTICS, 15'000+ employees


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Create an energizing and lasting experience with your team. At Sound Leadership, we combine Fortune 100 consulting with world-class music and creative expression.  

Unleashing creativity for stronger teams.


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We work with organizations across sectors in the United States, Asia and Europe.

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Client Feedback

You converted the non-believers into understanding.
— Board of directors, The Philanthropy Connection
I loved the way all the members of my team and upper management collaborated and shared ideas.
— Delhivery India
Writing the song title alone was worth it
— Fidelity
Fun, insightful, meaningful, applicable
— American society for quality
to say it went deep would be a substantial understatement.
— Entrepreneurs' Organization
I loved the process and structure. It gave us the opportunity to understand how to manage different points of view.
— Boston consulting group
— University of Liverpool
I like most the way it helps us garner solutions to our problems relieved of the stress around it.
— Logistics Firm
Very enthusiastic and encouraging.
— Boston Consulting Group
Inspiring! Wish to follow my passion too 10 years from now or sooner
— Boston Consulting Group

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