Create Resounding Stories.

To tell a story you have never told before you need to tell a story you have never told before. In a way you have never done before. We show you how.


Innovators choose Sound Leadership:


Breakthroughs for courageous teams*

* who are willing to leave their comfort zone and embrace uncertainty.


Are you ready to challenge your story?

Many executives are terrified of creative expression in a work context. It implies the chance of failure. Such as a new composition or a performance could be a failure. Nothing is guaranteed. If you aim to be more creative and to lay the foundation for a better, bolder and stronger future, there’s no other way than to simply allow this process to happen. Try, rinse, repeat, and you will get better. In our workshops, trainings, and coaching programs, we can show you how.


Proud to be a pioneer of transformative story building.

We went the uncomfortable route when everyone said it couldn’t be done. Today, we enthuse clients in three continents.




The Boston Consulting Group, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson, Evonik Industries, Swiss Economic Forum, Miele, Berklee College of Music, Ivy League Summer Institute at Harvard, IE Brown, Babson College, Delhivery Logistics, University of St. Gallen, German Scholars Organization



Business owners in New York City, entrepreneurs in Shanghai and Manila, members of NATO, fashion designers, Google employees, start-up founders, pharmaceutical executives, architects, retirees, high school students, serial founders, diplomats, aviation teachers and musicians


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